Wednesday 6 August 2014

Water colour paintings done in my skechbook

My 10th and 11th mini water colour painting done in my sketch book.
Both the paintings are pretty small. Enjoyed doing the single cherry BUT doing a small landscape gets quite tricky. May be in future I will stick to doing still life as small works.

Water colour is such a spontaneous medium that it keeps you focused while the work is on and the end result is EITHER you get it right or you have you ruined it. Many a times I have to discard my work NEVERTHELESS I would love to continue doing watercolours WET on WET technique as I am getting addicted to it.

water colour painting of a single cherry and snow capped mountains by Manju Panchal

Two mini water color paintings
A cherry
Snow capped mountains.

The above paintings are part of my water colour sketchbook. You can know more about it in one of my earlier posts. For any queries related to my paintings you can write to me at

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