Wednesday 13 August 2014

Charcoal painting of Niagara Falls in progress by Manju Panchal

The charcoal painting as shown below is yet to complete. It got started in last September or so and then due to several unavoidable factors has been progressing further in intervals. When I started it, I used 
KOH-I-NOOR and CAMEL charcoal pencil BUT now in the subsequent layers I am adding CONTE and PRIMA charcoal pencil. I am using several photographs for reference and trying to develop my own technique to get the layers of shadows as the water falls below with a magnificent force.

The size of the painting below after framing will be around 22" X 22" . Amongst all the mediums that I do, my charcoal works take maximum number of hours. It is a little tedious process BUT the end result is so very satisfying. I love the black and white effect on the textured paper. The paper being used to create this work is FAVINI paper. It is best to use a good quality paper which is acid free so that the work remains preserved and is durable. Poor quality papers tend to yellow over a period of time.

Charcoal painting of Niagara Falls by Manju Panchal

Niagara Falls
( Still to complete )
Charcoal painting on FAVINI paper.

Trying to spend a few hours everyday on this work so as to complete it as soon as possible.
Will be posting the completed image soon.

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