Monday 18 August 2014

Two 6 " X 6" seascapes done in soft pastels by Manju Panchal

Soft pastel works done in the past

Visited a friend recently and saw two of my soft pastel  seascapes in her Living room. Looking closely I realised that though it was a small size, I did have the patience to do a lot many details. I actually looked at them in admiration and felt a great sense of happiness. 

Both the works are done on Fabriano Elle Erre paper at a time when I was not aware about Canson Mi Tentes paper. Back then I was only using Fabriano paper for most of my pastel works. It is a  pretty good paper, though for bigger works I now use only Canson paper. I would love to try many different papers like Wallis sanded paper, Strathmore paper etc but unfortunately these brands are not available in India. Hence the next best option as of now is to continue using Canson and Fabriano.

two seascapes 6" X 6" done in soft pastels by Manju Panchal

Two soft pastel paintings
Size 6" X 6"

A sunrise
Waves hitting at the shore

When I first got into pastel medium I had no idea that one day I would get so addicted to it. Its luminous quality and beautiful dark colours are so captivating that one just cannot stop creating works of art using them. I do take a break by jumping to other mediums but in no time , always get back to using my pastels.

I have created a whole lot of still life compositions and seascapes using soft pastels. Presently working on creating Landscapes. 

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