Tuesday 29 April 2014

Rocky seashore - watercolour painting

My experiments with watercolour seascapes is still on. Tried this new one using a reference photograph
with warm skies, yellow and orange hues, which are also reflecting in the ocean. Used the wet on wet technique in which no matter how dark colour you use it dries up much lighter, hence had to redo the sky in second layer. Every painting I do, I learn somethiing new. The new knowledge adds on to the previous one and this cycle of learning goes on. 

seashore water colour painting by manju panchal

Rocky seashore.
Watercolour on Indian handmade paper.
Size 11" X 14" ( including size of mountboard )

Monday 28 April 2014

Painting - more water drops - by Manju Panchal

Created  painting of water drops in watercolour medium and soft pastel medium.

water drop painting by manju panchal on fabriano paper

Water drop on Fabriano paper
Using camel artists water colours

painting of drop of water using KOH I NOOR soft pastels

Water drop on black chart paper
Using soft KOH-I-NOOR soft pastels.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Coorg Landscape in soft pastels

Created another landscape painting from my reference photographs of Coorg holidays. Beautiful hill station near Manglore in Karnataka. I still remember the morning walks in the lush green hills and everytime I took a photograph, I had it in mind that some day probably I will get the oppurtunity to convert them into paintings and I am doing just that today. It makes me so happy to be able to do something that I always wanted to do. Draw, sketch and Paint.

landscape painting in soft pastels by manju panchal

Soft Pastels on Canson Mi Tentes paper
Size 9" X 9" ( Inluding mountboard )

For soft pastel medium I find CANSON MI TENTES paper quite appropriate. I normally
complete my painting in two to three layers.

Painting Water drops by Manju Panchal

Creating waterdrops is a lot of fun. I do it all the time especially during the demo
sessions during my workshops. So just decided to put in two of them.

paiinting of water drop by manju panchal

Waterdrop on black chart paper created using white pastel pencil
and black charcoal pencil

painting of water drop in graphite by manju panchal

Water drop created on cartridge paper using 6B graphite pencil

Thursday 24 April 2014

Still life - oil painting of an apple by Manju Panchal

This still life painting of an apple is done using camel oil paints. I posted a thumbnail sketch 
of the same composition which I had done some time back using water colours. It had looked
pretty good and so I decided to use the reference of my sketch to 
create an oil painting of the same.

still life, oil painting of an apple by manju panchal

An apple by itself
Size 6" X 12"
Oil painting on canvas
Available for sale

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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Flower - acrylic painting by Manju Panchal

Recently visited an old friend and spent time with her. Found one of my old acrylic floral paintings hanging on her living room wall. It brought back memories,  the difficult time and the struggle I had in blending the colours and the pleasure in creating the waterdrop. These days I use a combination of both acrylic and oil on my canvas. It kind of works for me as I save a lot of drying time.

acrylic painting of flower with waterdrop by manju panchal

Flowers in yellow
Size 9" X 9" ( including frame size )
Acrylic painting on canvas

Saturday 19 April 2014

Charcoal Painitngs of waterfall by Manju Panchal

This is a collection of 3 paintings which are presently put up at my home. The middle painting is done on black Fabriano paper using white pastel pencil and soft white pastel chalk. The image is showing a bit of reflection here, as it is framed in glass. The painting on extreme left is done in acrylic on canvas and the one on extreme right is done on FAVINI paper from Australia using charcoal powder and charcoal pencils. 

charcoal and acrylic paintings by manju panchal

These paintings are presently put up on my Living Room wall right at the entrance.
A little blue among the Blacks and Whites.

This is my personal favourite corner of the house.

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Saturday 12 April 2014

Cape Leeuwin - water colour painting by Manju Panchal

One of my close friends visited Cape Leeuwin last year and while I was looking at all her personal 
photographs clicked during the vacation I was captivated by the beautiful place so I decided to borrow some of the photographs and refer to them to create water colour paintings. Regarding the place Cape Leeuwin I am putting in a little information down below COURTESY - WIKIPEDIA

Cape Leeuwin  is the most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian Continent, in the state of Western Australia.
A few small islands and rocks, the St Alouarn Islands, extend further to the south. The nearest settlement, north of the cape, is Augutas. South-east of Cape Leeuwin, the coast of Western Australia goes much further south. Located on headland of the cape is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and the buildings that were used by the lighthouse keepers.
In Australia, the Cape is considered the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean; however most other nations and bodies consider the Southern Ocean to only exist south of 60°S

Referring to friend's photograph, created this water colour painting. Used Indian artists quality camel 
water colour tubes. Will be doing more in this series.

water colour painting of cape leeuwin by manju panchal

Seascape at Cape Leeuwin
Watercolour on Indian handmade paper
Size 7" X 9"

Visit to Jehangir Art Gallery

 On a recent visit to town myself and my artist friend had the oppurtunity to visit Jehangir Art Gallery. We met a senior artist Mr Pradip Maitra whose Invitation I have put below. The water colour paintings
done by him were just amazing. Most of them were the size 20" X 24" . We appreciated his works and after talking to him learnt that he had come all the way from Calcutta, after almost eight years, to exhibit in Jehangir art gallery. It was a pleasure to see beautiful watercolour works done on Whatman Paper.
I wish to visit more such exhibitions in different galleries in Mumbai.

Monday 7 April 2014

Art Lounge - SALE ( The Art stationery shop is running a sale )

The art stationery shop at churchgate THE ART LOUNGE is running a sale till the 19th of this month.
I visited the place recently with a friend to pick up my annual stock of
CANSON MI TENTES sheets in different colours as I use
them a lot for my pastel paintings.

Apart from these papers you can also find the KOINOOR products, canson water colour sheets,
Pebeo products, Charcoal and graphite related products and so on.
You can contact them at 9820136909.

The discount on certain products is more than 50% so it is good to make a visit if you 
are staying in Mumbai and can make it there before the 19th.

I have brought a few samples of the different CANSON water colour sheets so that i can
use it and decide which one works for me. I am mainly interested in picking up something
which is not too expensive ( 300 gsm , cold pressed )yet good to hold all the water while
wet on wet water colour painting is being done.

Painting of Seascapes in water colours by Manju Panchal

Water colour painting of two different seascapes using camel artists grade water colour paints

water colour painting of seascape by Manju panchal

Seascape I
Water colour painting on cold pressed CAMPAP paper 200gsm
Size 6" X 8"

water colour painting of seascape by Manju Panchal

Seascape II
Watercolour painting on Indian handmade paper
Size 7" X 9"

Watercolour Painting - New Beginning

Water colour painting is very challenging. I had always wanted to restart my water colour paintings. Last month I picked up two books containing water colour cold pressed papers ( spiral bound )
Fabriano and Campap. ( 200 gsm )

fabriano water colour paper 200gsm

20 sheets , cold pressed papers, 200gsm

campap water colour paper from malaysia

12 sheets, cold pressed papers, 200 gsm
Ideal for wet on wet water colour paintings.

I am presently trying out water colour paintings on Indian hand made paper as well as the papers from above Books. Water colour is a beautiful medium to work with and the biggest advantage is one can complete the work very fast BUT it is very tricky as one has to be quick to get the values right in short span of time.