Tuesday 26 August 2014

Still life painting - Metallic jug ( charcoal and soft pastel work )

Since I am running out of subjects for doing my still life composition, these days I have made it a habit to carry my i pad when I visit a friend. On one such visit, a water jug caught my attention and I immediately decided to take a photo. Keeping it on a distant shoe rack, where there was good light and shadow display, I clicked a few images. Later at home, did a bit of editing and then used a grey ordinary chart paper to create the charcoal and soft pastel sketching as shown below.

The Jug made of steel did not have a very smooth finish. Hence the technique I have used here is more of scribbling to get the light and dark tones. The grey colour of the paper acts as the mid tone.

Charcoal and soft pastel sketching of a JUG by Manju Panchal

A Jug
Charcoal and white soft pastel painting on grey paper

I have created similar works on grey paper earlier and but most of them were very small works of art, mainly my study works. More like my thumbnail sketches. You can find them in my previous posts if you browse through all my works beginning from January. I shall be completing eight months of blogging by August end.
Blogging is helping me paint my life with colours. 

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