Thursday 28 August 2014

In pursuit of the perfect green - Another landscape painting in soft pastels

Created another soft pastel painting of a Landscape from a reference photograph taken in Matheran, a beautiful hill station two hrs from Mumbai. The place is abound with trees and red muddy pathways to walk on. Its a pleasure to be one with nature.

With respect to my techniques involved in creating the trees and shadows, I am still experimenting. What is most intimidating in soft pastel paintings is getting the right green. However since my works at present are small and I do not spend much time over it, I just about manage with one brand of pastels and the greens that come with it. Under normal circumstances when I am doing a larger work, my workplace is full of my entire collection of pastels and that can be about five different sets. By the time I finish the painting, the workplace is in a state of mess. Therefore to avoid all that, as of now I still plan to do a few more landscapes using a limited palette of colours.

Painting of Matheran Landscape by Manju Panchal

The muddy pathway ( Matheran )
Soft pastel painting on black paper

I have recently purchased FABRIANO TIZIANO paper and will be trying a pastel painitng on it soon. The only issue is that it is not easily available in stores. As of now I have managed to get a small pad of 12 small sheets. Once I work on it and I like the surface then probably I will buy bigger size and in bulk. Buying, even before using and evaluating, I feel is a waste of money. As such the art stationery stuff in any artist's house keeps increasing at a fast pace and there is always a shortage of storage space.

fabriano tiziano paper for pastel paintings
The pastel paper by Fabriano.

This paper is available on FLIPKART as well. One needs to keep checking for discounts available on different sized paper pads also paying attention to reading the details about the papers with respect to colour, gsm etc.

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