Wednesday 13 August 2014

A still life painting of wine glass on red paper using charcoal and white pastel pencil

After having created a pomengranate and a capsicum on red FABRIANO paper, wanted to try out a transparent glass as subject on CANSON paper. Hence sketched out an empty wine glass. The symmetry is not too perfect but I was more keen on getting the highlights and the dark tones right. The red colour of the paper acts as the mid tone.

charcoal and pastel painting of a wine glass on red paper by Manju Panchal

Empty wine glass
Conte charcoal and cretacolour pastel pencil work
on Canson mi tentes paper.

Still life paintings and sketches are a great way of enhancing one's drawing and sketching skills.
Next, I am working on still life paintings on grey paper. I have done couple of black and white works on grey paper and the effects are amazing. Especially with metallic objects where apart from shadows there are plenty of reflections too.

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