Friday 22 August 2014

Tree trunk in soft pastels and charcoal - by Manju Panchal

This particular painting is more of a mixed media painting since I began with the idea of creating a charcoal sketch on RED canson paper but landed up adding soft pastels to it.

Many a times it happens that you do not get the right feeling about your art work as it proceeds. The best thing that I do then is to keep it aside for a few days until another idea takes birth. So this painting which actually began about seven days back finally took shape today when I suddenly decided to abandon the idea of doing plain charcoal sketch of tree and instead sat with my KOH-I-NOOR soft pastels and took precisely twenty minutes to build up the work using strokes of colours and a little blending. 

Painting is also a lot about the mood that one is in. When one is in good, cheerful and happy mood a painting really does not take much of an effort to complete. On the other hand if mood is bad no matter how hard you try you just won't get it right. 

Mixed media painting of tree trunk done in soft pastels and charcoal by Manju Panchal

Sunlit tree trunk
Mixed media painting on Canson mi tentes paper
Size 5" X 7" ( Excluding the mount board )

Since I have done the painting on a red coloured canson paper the red of the paper can be seen through at places and I quite like it that way.

So true. I came across this quotation on some site recently and loved every word of it.
We all need to see simple things around usand appreciate the beauty in its creation.

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