Saturday 30 August 2014

Soft Pastel painting Madikeri ( Coorg ) Landscape by Manju Panchal

Created a soft pastel painting using my COORG holiday photograph, where in I have blurred the background using different colours to suggest trees and foliage. I did not want to spend more than forty five minutes in creating it.

Using KOH-I-NOOR soft pastels I have scribbled and blended to get the texture of the bark on the tree trunk. Coorg , also called Madikeri is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka and the lush greenary around there is just awesome. Perfect for photographers and artists and of course nature lovers.

The painting below is more of a study work and also an attempt to test the new paper which I recently purchased ie Fabriano Tizianao.  Its texture is almost similar to Canson mi tentes. I will be doing my next few paintings on the same paper so as to get a better feel of the paper. If it is able to hold more layers of pastels on its surface then in future I can order bigger sheets from FLIPKART and use this paper for my larger sized art works.

soft pastel painting of landscape from Madikeri ( COORG ) by Manju Panchal

Madikeri Landscape
Soft pastel painting on Fabriano tiziano paper

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