Sunday 3 November 2019

Sailed out - A water color painting on Chitrapat handmade paper

"Watercolor with all its subtle color and value gradations and its many welcome surprises, is the perfect medium for capturing mood.” Ray Hendershot

 The watercolor painting that I am posting today has been inspired by a photograph taken by my husband while he was at "The Bund", in Shanghai. There were a few more shipping vessels in the vicinity but I decided to keep just one in order to get a better composition.

It’s a morning scene, with a little warmth in the sky and a few clouds scattered across. A small cargo vessel is headed towards its next destination. This painting to me is the story of this shipping vessel and it’s journey ahead. 

A water color painting on Chitrapat paper by Manju Panchal

“Sailed Out”
A water colour painting on Chitrapat handmade paper 
Size 7” X 10”

For the above artwork I have used Chitrapat paper and Camlin Artists watercolor tubes
Thank you for browsing through my artworks and if you wish to see my latest works and techniques you can follow me on my INSTAGRAM page.


  1. Nice painting, can we also create this from acrylic colours too,

    1. Yes, you can. But you have to use the acrylic paints in diluted form, ie move it like watercolors on canvas. Thanks

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    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

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