Tuesday 31 March 2015

Checking out a new textured paper for charcoal works

I am always on a lookout for a new paper. Some new textures, which will get a different effect
when charcoal pencil moves on it. Last time I was in town, I had picked up some coloured sheets with a very different texture as compared to Canson c a grain and Fabriano Academia sheet.

When the paper is new, I normally try out something small so that I get the feel of the paper and I try all my charcoal pencils on it to judge the best one that goes on it. For this one as below, PRIMO pencil was too harsh and did not go well but Conte Charcoal pencil worked fine. I also used chunky charcoal piece and white pastel pencil.

It is "Trial and Error" that teaches me best. Since this was an experimental work, I just took a reference from google and spent roughly about forty five minutes on it. But working on it has given me a fair idea as to when I create a bigger sized work, then which pencil I will use and what technique I will follow to get the best results.

Charcoal and pastel painting of a tree trunk on toned paper by Manju Panchal

"Tree trunk" Study work on a new paper

My soft pastel landscape works are in progress but I also intend creating some charcoal works and that is precisely the reason as to why I take out little time for checking out something new and different. 

Sunday 29 March 2015

Few more thumbnail sketches of different landscapes

I created some more thumbnail sketches on Canson paper, sized 3" x 4" approx. So now I have plenty of subjects to choose from to create my next soft pastel painting.

A thumbnail sketch helps to simplify the landscape by getting the right values and composition. It then becomes a good reference to add the right colours. Moreover it does not take  more than fifteen to twenty minutes to create each one of them.

Thumbnail sketches created using soft pastels. By Manju Panchal

Thumbnail sketches of Landscapes

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Back to my Pastel paintings - Another one from COORG

 Last few days were busy days as I managed to work on some more thumbnail sketches, for my future landscape paintings. I shall be posting a collective image soon. Once the thumbnail sketches are done, I can peacefully take the decision on what subject to work on next.

In the meantime I managed to complete one of my 12" X 16" Soft pastel Landscape painting
( Coorg , Hill Station in Karnataka ).

A single beautiful majestic tree standing alone, the light filtering through and casting beautiful shadows on the forest floor. A walk in the woods can enrich our life by making us see the perfect creation in nature, be it trees, the insects, the serene atmosphere, the blowing breeze, the rustling of leaves. The list is endless. I want to paint little parts of the landscape, which to me is a whole complete self, an identity and beauty in itself. I see, observe, feel and interpret it in my way. Adding colours as I see them around, experimenting with my techniques and my pastel strokes so as to grow as an artist.

Soft Pastel painting of a tree in Coorg. By Manju Panchal

"Standing Alone"
Size 12" X 16"    Soft Pastel Painting

As of now I may feel that the painting is complete but it always happens that when I am in the process of framing the work, I realise that there are lot of different places where I need to work on.
Just a little last minute touch up can make a lot of difference. 

Thursday 19 March 2015

My experience at ART PLAZA

My exhibition at ART PLAZA was a great experience as it allowed me to interact with artists, art lovers, art enthusiasts, students etc. Among the visitors I also had tourists from different countries and it was great sharing knowledge and experince with them. In all it was a great exposure and I also sold a few works of mine.

I also got a very positive feedback regarding my style of work, my landscape compositions and my technique of handling the pastel medium. Now I can continue working with more focus and create bigger works for my next Exhibition which is coming up in May in Leela Gallerie. I may add a few charcoal paintings along with my soft pastel works.

Six days of Exhibition also helped me know a lot happening in the art circle and as and when I post an article, I will be adding the information which might be help others too.

Given below is one of the paintings which got sold and this particular one was very close to my heart as it was one of my initial soft pastel landscapes and I created it all the beautiful memories that I had while I was taking a morning walk in COORG. I am glad that my paintings have found beautiful homes. 

SOLD work. Soft pastel landscape of Coorg by Manju Panchal

The morning glow.
Sold work.
Soft Pastel on Canson paper

Fine artists Mr Devidas Kadam and Mr Pradip Raut , who are members of PLAZA ARTIST's ASSOCIATION were very helpful. The forms for booking the gallery will be available in first week of September.

Monday 16 March 2015

The 55th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition - Jehangir Art Gallery

The 55th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition is presently on at Jehangir Art Gallery
on ground floor. Since my exhibition was on from 9th to 14th March, I had the pleasure to
view the drawings and paintings by Eminent artists from all over Maharashtra.
It is a must see for all art enthusiasts. I picked up the Published Booklet which has
the award winning paintings as well as the selected entries. Images can be seen as below.

55th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery 2015

The cover page has the award winning painitng by
Artist Shingade Siddharth Shahaji
Titled "With Cage"

55th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery 2015

Some more award winning entries

55th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery 2015

Images of selected paintings

Thursday 5 March 2015

Prepared the invitation card for my Exhibition using Moldiv App on my i pad

Finally completed framing most of my soft pastel paintings. Later took out time to decide on an appropriate title for my exhibition which could speak for my works. Settled with "TRANQUILITY"
as most of my works are truly inspired by the beauty of nature. The peaceful moments spent
have been very memorable and I always want to relive those memories.

Created the above Invitation card using MOLDIV App on my i pad.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Making small corrections in old art works before framing

Soft pastel paintings have an advantage. If one needs to make changes at a later stage, it is a fairly simple procedure. One can lift out the pastels from the required space using kneaded eraser or putty and add another layer of colour there.

Now that I am in the process of framing my artworks, I realised that some works needed a little touch up. For example if i did a painting some months back then in the next few months I have more added knowledge now and I can see lot of places where I can add colours to increase the depth or intensify the colour of leaves etc. It is like I am getting to reevaluate my work. So basically apart from framing, I am also spending time doing little corrections.

Given below are two of my works where I made a few corrections. ( These works have been posted earlier by me. Since they were not framed I had placed them in a folder with a glassine sheet on top of it for protection )

Corrections made on a soft pastel painting of tree roots by Manju Panchal

In this particular work, which was done using a photograph taken from a lower

Corrections made on a soft pastel painting of tree  by Manju Panchal

In this particular painting, the foreground did not have any warmth. The tree trunk had blended with the foliage on the left side and the light falling had to be captured on the foliage. So I intensified the colours behind the tree, then added soft light green colours on leaves which were exposed to the sunlight falling on them. I also added blue green coloured leaves behind the tree trunk as it is in shadow region. After having made a few more changes, I am now pretty satisfied and will frame this work with off white matt around it.