Thursday 31 August 2017

Charcoal Demo Works created during "Art Workshop"

"Life is pretty simple. You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else." Leonardo Da Vinci

In today's post I am sharing a few small charcoal "Demo works" that I created during my recent "Charcoal drawing workshop" that I conducted for two private students.

All of them are sized 5" X 7" and have been created on cartridge sheet, Fabriano Academia and Canson paper. I spend roughly around fifteen minutes or so to create these small works. For a bigger charcoal drawing I use a whole lot of different drawing tools, however for these small works I simply use a Camlin charcoal pencil and willow charcoal.

Charcoal demo work created during Charcoal drawing workshop at Mumbai

Charcoal drawing, Demo work
A beach scene from Maldives

Charcoal drawing demo work created during Charcoal drawing workshop at Mumbai

Charcoal drawing, Demo work
A scene at Zero point, Sikkim

Charcoal drawing of a tree, Demo work created during an ART WORKSHOP

Charcoal drawing, Demo work
A scene from Langkawi

Charcoal drawing of a tree, Demo work created during an art workshop at MUMBAI, INDIA

Charcoal drawing, Demo work
A seashore at Phuket

Charcoal drawing of a tree, Demo work created during an ART WORKSHOP at Mumbai, India

Charcoal drawing, Demo work
A tree from Dubare forest, Coorg

For every workshop that I conduct, I try and do a different demonstration, step by step, which helps the participants to understand the technique I follow in order to create a simple Charcoal drawing. 

I have used my personal photographs of places that I have visited in the past, to create the above drawings. I may refer to these study works to create a few "Water colour paintings" in future. 

Apart from charcoal drawings I am into other mediums as well and to browse through my other artworks you can follow me on INSTAGRAM. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Tuesday 29 August 2017

"Eye and Nose" Study of a Woman

"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." Martin Luther King Jr.

I am planning to do a Charcoal portrait drawing of a local Sikkimese woman whom I met I at Thangu, a small cozy village at an altitude of 13,500 ft, and 30 kms away from Lachen, in North Sikkim. We had stopped at Thangu early morning for breakfast before proceeding to Gurudongmar Lake.

There was something about her "Eyes" and the calm expression on her face, which appealed to me a lot. I got talking to her and later requested her permission to photograph her. She obliged and I am so grateful to her for that.

Before proceeding with the "Portrait" which I am planning to do on Canson Mi Teintes paper, I decided to spend some time doing a small "Eye and Nose study". 

"Eye and Nose Study" of a woman by Manju Panchal

Eye and Nose Study
On hand made paper
Size 4" X 6"

I created my first  "Portrait on toned paper" in 2015 . From then on, I have continued working on different toned papers. I purchased a few sheets of hand made paper as above from Paper Mart at Fort but I do not have any information regarding its being acid free. Therefore I use this paper for my "Study works" and for the final work I use CansonMT and Strathmore Toned paper.

If you are into "Portrait drawing", I would love to know about the paper that you use. You can leave the information in the "Comment" section below.

If you wish to browse through my other works, you can visit my INSTAGRAM page. Please share.
Thanks a lot for all your support.

Saturday 26 August 2017

Portrait of a woman in water colour medium

"You don't make art, you find it." Pablo Picasso

The portrait that I am posting today is the one I created some years back. It needed a little touch up. Now that I am back into water colour medium, I am trying to complete my older works.

This painting brings back memories of a time when I was doing a "Series" on "Traditional Woman Portraits" mainly from Kutch, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The face, the look, the colourful attire and the traditional jewelry inspired me a lot.

A water colour portrait of a woman from Kutch, India by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Looking on
Water colour painting on acid free paper
Size 5" X 7"

I have used Winsor and Newton Cotman series of water colours for this painting. Recently I purchased a few tubes of Winsor and Newton Artists series but have not started using it as yet. The tubes are very expensive as compared to Camlin series but the colours are known for its brilliance, transparency and purity of colours, hence I have gone ahead and purchased a few of them.

Thanks a lot for all your support and keep browsing.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

River - A water colour painting

"Sit by a river. Find peace and meaning in the rhythm of the lifeblood of Earth." Anonymous

After having done a few charcoal portrait drawings, I am back with a small water colour painting. Working too long with any medium saturates me and then I need to do something different. Now I can work with water colour medium once again with a fresh mind.

Today's water colour painting is a beautiful river flowing down a snowy landscape. I have used the brush strokes to emphasize the direction of the water flow, the rhythm and the energy.

In order to get the water spray effect at left bottom, I have used acrylic white paint spray using a brush. My initial idea was to use a masking fluid but the one that I have is leaving yellow stain on paper so I decided to avoid using it.

I have used a small Strathmore paper cutout for the same. Colour mixing gets simple in a painting such as this as I use a very limited palette, namely Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Crimson Lake and Indian Red ( Camlin Artist's water colour tubes. )

Water colour painting of a river flowing through snow landscape by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Racing downwards
Water colour painting on Strathmore paper
Size 4" X 5.5"

I have used Strathmore paper for my earlier work too and I am beginning to love this paper. Presently I have a Cold Pressed version which has visible texture, but for landscape painting, it is fine. If I want to try out a water colour portrait, then I will have to consider buying the hot pressed paper.

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Friday 18 August 2017

Portrait drawing on toned paper

"And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!." Audrey Hepburn

Today I am posting my recently done "Charcoal portrait drawing" of a beautiful woman whom I met in Sikkim. I loved everything about her, her wrinkled face, her pretty smile, her scarf on the head which curled up at the top letting a few braided strings fall below.

She is seventy five and stays high up in the mountains somewhere in Hee Bermiok in West Sikkim. She had come to meet the owners of the homestay where we were staying, with an intention of selling some pretty hand made purses to the tourists. I purchased a few of them.

She moves around the hills climbing the difficult terrain with such ease and is so cheerful and full of life. I listened to her conversation, not understanding much but enjoyed interacting with her. I took her photograph with her consent and expressed my desire to do her portrait some day. She was all smile to hear that.

I am glad that I finally managed to get started with her portrait. Her portrait will always remind me of her strength, endurance and zest for life. I feel fortunate to have met her. Painting is like etching these memories on paper.

Portrait drawing on toned paper

Wrinkled with age
Charcoal drawing on Canson Mi Teintes paper
Size 5" X 7"

Canson Mi Teintes paper comes in many different shades ( 50 colours ) and I use them for my soft pastel paintings too. However when it comes to using them for my charcoal and white pastel drawings I mainly use the dark gray sheet.

Canson Mi teintes ( Different shades )

If you are interested in attending any of my workshops, visit the ART WORKSHOP page to know the schedule.

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Monday 14 August 2017

Rearranging my Charcoal drawing tools in a new box

"Without good drawing, the foundation of a painting will collapse." Ken Danby

As mentioned in my last post I am getting back into my "Portrait drawing". So I decided to rearrange and organise all my "Charcoal drawing tools" in a new cardboard box ( This sturdy little box with one inch height came with ipad keyboard ).

Arranging charcoal drawing tools in a new box by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Charcoal tools in a new box

This new box easily accommodates my basic drawing tools that I use on a regular basis. I keep the willow charcoal in a tissue paper as it smudges a lot and makes the whole area messy.

Prior to using the new box, my pencils and few other tools were in a very old stationery box which I have been using since probably 2000. The image of the same can be found below. When I got started with charcoal I used just about three to four tools namely Ambassador charcoal pencil, blending tools, charcoal powder and an eraser. So a small box was a pretty convenient option.

Old charcoal tool box

To view the images of all the different tools that I use in my present day drawings CLICK HERE.
I have also posted about the "Different papers" that I use for my charcoal drawings.

Thank you for browsing through my blog and if you are a person who is passionately into art, I hope that my blog and the information that I share is of help to you. 

Figurative watercolour painting

"You were born an original work of art. Stay original." Suzy Kassem

Today I am posting small water colour painting of a pretty young girl from Rajasthan. She sits, dressed up in her colourful attire, waiting probably for her friend to arrive so they can engage in some playful activity.

I started this painting quite some time back and it was a little incomplete. So I took out some time yesterday and did the needful. I have mostly used Winsor and Newton Cotman colours for this artwork. Portrait work as a subject, be it any medium, is very challenging. However I enjoy creating them. I plan to do many more and in the same series.

A water colour painting of a young girl from Rajasthan by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Waiting for a friend
Water colour painting on acid free paper
Size 5" X 7"

It feels good to be doing portrait works once again. I have reorganised my "Charcoal drawing tools" in a new box as I plan to initially create a few charcoal portraits on toned paper before getting into water colour portraits. Charcoal being a dry medium is more easy to handle as compared to water colours. Moreover it has been long since I last did a complete water colour portrait.  

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Saturday 12 August 2017

"Eye and Nose" study on Strathmore gray toned paper

"Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day for no matter how little it is, it will be well worthwhile, and it will do you a world of good." Cennino Cennini

A beautiful inspiring quote which reminds me that no matter how busy I am, I must remove a little time every day for my art which is a true source of "Happiness" to me.

I took out my Strathmore gray toned paper last week after a very long time. Just got tempted to do "Eye and Nose study" so that I can get started with my "Portrait works" once again.

Given below is a small study work of a Rajasthani man, on Strathmore paper. I started this artwork with the intention of doing just the eyes and nose but later on got carried away and did the turban and part of the face too. After having done back to back water colour paintings, doing a charcoal portrait has been a welcome change.

Charcoal drawing of a Rajasthani man on Strathmore gray toned paper by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Eye and Nose study work
Charcoal and white pastel pencil work on Strathmore toned paper
Size 4.5" X 6"

Speaking of toned papers the two other papers that I have used in the past are "Textured hand made paper" and Canson Mi Teintes.  All these papers including Strathmore is easily available on AMAZON and other online stores. 

Strathmore gray toned paper

Strathmore Toned Gray Pad
with 50 sheets

Thanks a lot for browsing through my works and to browse through some other portraits that I have created in the past CLICK HERE.

Friday 11 August 2017

Charcoal drawing and sketching workshop on 26th and 27th August, 2017

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live for ever." Gandhi

I take art workshops from time to time. Through my art workshop I get to meet people from different walks of life. People who are looking forward to learn the basics of art and who need a little motivation to get started in this direction.

My today's post is a brief introduction about my upcoming "Charcoal and drawing and sketching workshop" on the 26th and 27th of this month ie August, 2017.

During the workshop I shall be introducing the participants to the different papers and the charcoal tools that I use for my drawings. CLICK HERE to view the images of the different tools as I have posted an article about the same some time back. I provide all the materials so that the participants can judge for themselves and then later buy their preferred choice of materials.

Each participant gets a small sketch book with 4"X 5"cartridge sheets.

Sketch book to create small charcoal works during art workshop

Using the different tools like pencils, willow charcoal etc they go on to create small works.
This way they get accustomed to using the tools.

Using charcoal tools during art workshop at Mumbai, by Manju Panchal

For the upcoming workshop I will be demonstrating landscapes, floral and still life works.
Such as the images below

Demo work during charcoal drawing workshop at Andheri, Mumbai

Charcoal drawing of landscape with mountains

Demo work during charcoal drawing workshop at Andheri, Mumbai

Charcoal drawing of Foggy landscape

The participants will be creating one charcoal drawing sized 6"X 8" on the first day and two different works on the second day. During the course of the drawing sessions the following topics too shall be covered.
  • Drawing from a photograph as a reference
  • Design and composition
  • Significance of tonal values
  • Framing of a charcoal painting
  • Tips and techniques for better drawings
  • Preservation and care ( protection against moisture, sun etc )
When I do the demo's of certain charcoal drawings I share "My technique" which I have developed over a period of time after having created hundreds of drawings. Hence I encourage the participants to use the basic techniques but experiment and explore with new tools and papers which will in turn help them to develop their own style in the long run.

The Charcoal drawing workshop will be for a small group of four to five participants and to register for the same you can call me at 9967169025 ( Mumbai ) or drop me a mail at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Charcoal drawing of a landscape from West Sikkim

"To see what others can not.....
You must climb the mountain." Ron Akers

While we were in Sikkim during our holidays we got to stay at a Homestay in Hee Bermiok ( West Sikkim ), which was located quite high up in the mountains. It was a herculean task reaching there but once we got settled we realised the advantage of being there among pristine nature.

Later during the next few days we gathered energy and explored still greater heights in order to get a clear view of Kangchenjunga peak, meet the local people and understand more about their tradition and culture.

On one such route while climbing up the mountain I came across some stunning pathway scenes, the kind I love to paint and I decided to create a charcoal drawing of the same. For creating a study work I love to use "Willow charcoal" which helps in achieving the desired values in a very short period of time.

A charcoal drawing of a landscape scene from Hee Bermiok, West Sikkkim, by Manju Panchal

An upward climb
Charcoal drawing on Cartridge paper
Size 5" X 7"

Camlin charcoal pencil works good in combination with willow charcoal. Willow charcoal is very soft and blends into the paper without leaving too many permanent stains. 

willow charcoal

Willow charcoal
Chinese brand,

CLICK HERE to view some of my earlier works created using willow charcoal. I will be conducting a "Charcoal drawing workshop" soon in which I will be discussing in detail regarding the techniques I use to create my charcoal works. To know more about my art workshops you can visit my "ART WORKSHOP" page.

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Monday 7 August 2017

Charcoal drawing on Strathmore gray toned paper

"You never outgrow drawing. It's so fundamental to everything." Debra Groessner

No matter what medium I am into, getting back into drawing and sketching refreshes my creative spirit. As mentioned in the quote above, drawing is fundamental to painting any subject. We paint as we draw. 

The charcoal drawing below is of a group of rocks and pebbles at the seashore. Last time when I handled the same subject I used a cartridge paper. This time, however I decided to use the Strathmore gray toned paper in which the gray colour of the paper acts as the mid tone value and I had to add the darker and lighter values to complete the painting.

Charcoal drawing of rocks and pebbles at the beach on Strathmore gray toned paper by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Charcoal drawing on Strathmore gray toned paper
Size 4.5" X 5.5"

Posted below is the initial stage of the painting where I have created the outline of the rocks using a graphite pencil and added darker values at certain places.

Charcoal drawing of pebbles on Strathmore gray toned paper

Initial step
Drawing of pebbles

This is a small charcoal drawing and hence I have used only a charcoal pencil and a white pastel pencil. CLICK HERE to view all the different charcoal tools that I use in order to create a bigger charcoal work. 

Follow my latest works and techniques on INSTAGRAM and if you love my works and they inspire you, share them with your friends.

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Thursday 3 August 2017

On the way to Malshej Ghats - A water colour painting

"Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." Joshua J Marine

My today's post is a water colour painting of a scene that I came across while I was on the way to Malshej Ghats. The paddy fields filled with water, cloudy sky and fog at the distance, I tried to capture the monsoon atmosphere.

Malshej Ghats is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range in the Thane-Pune district of Maharashtra. It is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of Western Ghats. The journey to Malshej Ghats during the monsoons is absolutely amazing. There are innumerable waterfalls on the way and the green valleys all around is a refreshing sight. I have used Camlin Artist's water colour tubes for this particular painting.

A water colour painting of a view as seen on the way to Malshej Ghats

On the way to Malshej Ghats
Water colour painting on Strathmore paper
Size 4.5" X 6"

"Painting a cloudy sky" has been on my mind since long and a place like Malshej Ghat gave me the opportunity to capture many beautiful foggy landscape scenes with dramatic skies in the background. I am planning to try out all of them. There is no particular technique in mind. Technique evolves with time and experience. 

Painting scenes such as above is going to be a great learning experience. To me art is not just about painting, its about exploring new horizons and educating myself further in a subject that I am very passionate about. 

Thank you for visiting my BLOG and browsing through my works.