Thursday 4 September 2014

Storing of water colour and charcoal paintings - My way

Considering the fact that I paint almost every day, I am always thinking of new ways of storing my miscellaneous works. Miscellaneous because some are study works, others are thumbnail sketches. Then there are small pastel paintings, mini water colour paintings and finally my BIGGER serious works which I have been creating with an intention of selling them.

Mini Water colour paintings

My mini water colour works are fortunately all stored in the sketch book created by me. So thats a big relief. This book created by me has forty handmade papers in it. Once I complete my forty paintings, I might probably create another one as this is a very convenient way of pursuing one's water colour painting passion.

Water colour sketch book created by Manju Panchal

Bigger water colour painitngs ( Size 4" X 7"  or 7" X 9" )

Taking advantage of the fact that water colour paintings do no smudge I conveniently put them all together in a plastic folder making sure that it is placed in a safe and dry place.

plastic folder with water colour paintings stored in it.

Small Charcoal paintings

Since I regularly take two days workshop in different mediums, I also have a collection of small charcoal works. Charcoal paintings, I have realised , do not smudge as much as pastel paintings, hence I have purchased a big number of self sealing polythene sheets and I carefully slide my small charcoal painting inside the packet. ( sealing from other side ). If at all there is a need to frame any of my works, I would probably remove it and do a little touch up. I never spray a fixative on my charcoal painting as I do not feel the need to do so. The paper I use is good enough for the charcoal to get fixed on.

self sealing polythene packet

self sealing polythene packet
A. point where there is a small strip which can be pulled out to seal the packet
by pulling it over to the other side.

Charcoal paintings as protected in self sealing packets.

Plastic folder for storing with small charcoal paintings

Plastic folder to store small charcoal paintings which are individually
placed in self sealing polythene packets.

Regarding art works that are much bigger and done in different mediums, I shall be writing a post soon.
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