Monday 8 February 2016

A little experimenting with textured handmade paper.

I mentioned in my last post about experimenting and exploring the new possibilities of using
the textured hand made paper ( From Sun Papers - Fort ) for my soft pastel paintings.

The soft pastel painting of a seascape is a quick study work on blue coloured hand made
paper with beautiful textures on it. I wanted to try out the underpainting with water 
before adding the second layer of pastels.

After having drawn the rough outline with white pencil, I blocked in the initial colours in 
my usual technique and then instead of blending the colours I ran a wet brush over the sky, 
followed by the other elements. Everytime I painted on a different coloured area, I made 
sure that I washed the brush again in clean water. After having done that, I let the paper 
dry. The paper being thick, fortunately did not buckle.

Once the paper was fully dry, I added the second layer of pastel colours and a few details 
at places where required. In all I enjoyed using this paper. It is very reasonable too. I 
purchased it long time back but I think it should not be more than Rs 60/- a sheet.

Experimenting with textured hand made paper for creating soft pastel art. By Manju Panchal

Seascape on Blue handmade paper.
Just an experiment.

I love soft pastel medium because of its rich and vibrant colours. Moreover it is a dry
medium and one does not have to wait for it to dry. We do not need many tools around.
Just the pastels, a kneaded eraser and a sheet of paper. 

The pastel colours do not fade or crack in time. I do not have to worry about the painting
catching fungus though I still take precaution to keep Silica Gel around
my art work to absorb the moisture around.

One of my favourite Quotes

"I dream my painting and then I paint my dream." Vincent Van Gogh