Sunday 7 September 2014

Foggy day in Matheran - soft pastel painting

After my last attempt at doing a soft pastel painting of a foggy landscape, I could not control my temptation on trying out another one. Therefore, once again choosing my Matheran holiday photograph as reference, I went on to create another landscape but this time I decided to use my new paper which I recently purchased ie FABRIANO TIZIANO paper ( black colour ).

Somehow, after a couple of art works on it, I am beginning to like this paper. For this particular painting which I did in two particular layers, I did not feel the need to spray a fixative. Also I did not stick to the original photograph. Instead I made a few changes with respect to trees and the colours in the distance.

Soft pastel painting of one foggy day in Matheran by Manju Panchal

The forest Trail
Soft pastel painting on Fabriano Tiziano paper.

For this particular painting, apart from my usual set of 48 pastels from KOH-I-NOOR, I also decided to use the 64 half pastels from my MUNGYO set and it did help as it has a very different collection of greens and blues which really come in use. Posting an image below of a brand new set of MUNGYO half pastels. The ones which I am using presently are in a very disorganised state and needs a serious cleanup.

Some day I plan to begin with my canvas landscapes in acrylic. However I am in no hurry. The experience I am gaining by doing landscapes in soft pastels will be of  great help. It will make my acrylic painting procedure a bit easier.

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