Friday 10 October 2014

Ginger- still life painting in oils

Posted below is the image of a small 6" X 6" oil painting of ginger. In fact I created this painting quite some back when I was doing a series on fruits and vegetables. This particular painting needed a little touch up , which I did recently. 

Of late I have also been involved in doing lot of mixed media works which can be seen on my other blog

oil painting of ginger on 6" X 6" canvas by Manju Panchal

Oil painting on 6" X 6" canvas.

You can find similar still life acrylic and oil works in my earlier posts. The image below is of a few works which are presently put up on my kitchen wall. It adds a lot of colour and life into my home and I love these small works a lot as one can put them in groups of two or three or many together.
Any combination works.

Group of small still life paintings of fruits in oils done by Manju Panchal

Still life fruit and vegetable paintings.

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