Tuesday 16 September 2014

Busy and enjoying the CHARCOAL WORKSHOP

Art Workshops are fun. It forces me to take a break from my regular routine of creating my kind of works. I get to interact with new people, discover so much about their involvement with art and in general the atmosphere gets so charged up. 

This time I decided to choose some very different subject. A simple rock with different textures on it ( Was part of my balcony flower pot as a decoration piece until now when I decided to put it to paper using charcoals ) and a seashell which I had picked up from seashore some time back. As artists we have this habit of picking up objects which can later be part of a still life creation.

Posting below the images of my demo works using Conte charcoal pencil, blending tools, camel charcoal pencil and Chunky charcoal. The works of the participants will be put together after the workshop is over.

Demo works done during a charcoal workshop by Manju Panchal

Two small charcoal works done anson
during the charcoal workshop on
Canson C a grain paper 
Fabriano Academia paper

Since both the above works are demo works I have not spent more than forty five minutes on each of them. Just worked on the values, the light and shadow effects, the depth and did not get into each and every detail. At times one has to take the decision to "STOP". If not the detailing and shading can go on and on for a pretty long time and overdoing can sometimes take the essence away.

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