Sunday 7 September 2014

Painting a foggy landscape for the first time - Matheran in monsoon

Painted a foggy landscape using soft pastels. Red muddy forest trails in Matheran during monsoons.
We have been to Matheran and Mahableshwar so many times in the last twenty years that I have lost count of it. Both the hill stations are beautiful with lush green forests and the best part is that they are very close to mumbai city. An easy getaway during weekends for citydwellers. I am slowly digging into my old photographs and looking for some great subjects to convert into paintings. 

Soft pastel painting of foggy landscape of Matheran by Manju Panchal

Leading into fog.
Soft pastel painting on ordinary black rough textured paper.

Since I was trying out a foggy landscape for the first time, I did not want to use my expensive paper.
I enjoyed doing the above painting, which I altered almost three times BUT finally when it completed I was happy with the outcome.

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