Thursday 18 September 2014

Putting together some of the works done during CHARCOAL WORKSHOP

Images of few charcoal paintings done by participants who attended my recently held Charcoal Workshop. It has been TWO FUN FILLED days. 

Everytime there is a workshop I look forward to meeting new people. The bonding is instant as art has no language. I get to meet people of all age groups and it feels real good to see everyone doing a subject in such a different way. The individual technique evolves slowly. I show my way, but eventually each participant tries out in his/her way and the works then look different and IT SHOULD.

Those who are really passionate about art, stay connected even after the workshop is over and by regularly discussing art and ideas become a source of motivation for one another.

charcoal paintings done during a two days CHARCOAL WORKSHOP conducted by Manju Panchal

Collection of charcoal paintings done during 
Charcoal workshop

The charcoal workshop basically introduces the participants to the WORLD of charcoal paintings. They learn about the tools and papers used for charcoal sketchings. They get to see the demo works and then later themselves  four different painting on different subjects like rocks, mountains, seascape, still life etc.This way they get the feel of the medium. From here on all that they need to move on further is a lot of practice, patience and dedication.

"One painting a day would just do fine."

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