Tuesday 23 September 2014

Charcoal painting of Rocks, water and reflections ( Langkawi Island )

While on a KILIM Geoforest Tour  ( Langkawi Island ) we were taken to this beautiful isolated beach which had these beautiful huge rocks , some tree growths around and a little ripple in the waves. The water was clear and transparent exposing the submerged rocks.The entire scene was mesmerising. 

Presently I have done this painting using charcoal on Fabriano Academia paper but later I wish to do the same painting using soft pastels as I feel the need to capture the beauty in colours too. Charcoal painting takes me a lot more number of hours as compared to other mediums but I love this medium a lot and do not want to ever give up on it. 

Charcoal painting of rocks, water and reflections by Manju Panchal

Rocks, water and reflections
Charcoal painting on Fabriano Academia paper.
Available for sale

"One paints as one draws - Ingres"

I came across this quotation in one of the floral painting books which is a part of my ART BOOKS collection. There is an entire chapter devoted on "how drawing and sketching play an important role in day to day painting". Over a period of time and with whatever experience I have had so far I too feel that drawing and sketching play a KEY role in painting process. Hence I devote a lot of time to my sketchings even today. 

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