Monday 23 May 2016

Willow charcoal sketching of a beach at Bamboo island ( Near Phi Phi Leh )

In December 2014, I used willow charcoal to create a few study works on cartridge paper. 
It worked pretty well in combination with charcoal pencils and the plan was to use it on 
professional acid free paper some day to create more permanent artworks. However in the 
course of time it never happened and this project went into the " Waitlist" category ie to be 
done on some other day at some other time. In the meanwhile I kept myself busy with other
mediums and subjects.

willow charcoal
Willow charcoal

Two study works using
willow charcoal and other charcoal pencils.
Created on cartridge paper
( Old works )

This week was the perfect opportunity to use my willow charcoal once again as I had just 
completed my charcoal workshop and all my charcoal sketching tools were on my workplace. 
Hence I decided to create a charcoal sketch of a simple beach scene inspired by a view at the Bamboo Island which was part of our Phi Phi Leh Tour. ( Thailand ). Bamboo island is
one of the most beautiful National Park island in Phuket.

This serene beach had the very basic elements like sky, water and trees/foliage. What I loved 
about the composition was the shadows on the beach and the scattered rocks.

Charcoal sketching of a seashore at Bamboo island , By Manju Panchal

In the shadows
Charcoal sketching on Fabriano Academia paper
Size 6.5" X  7.5"

Beautiful Quotation

"One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil."
By Balthus  ( 1908 - 2001 ) Polish French modern artist.

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