Tuesday 17 May 2016

Fading away - Sketching of a single leaf.

As an artist we are always looking for beauty in small ordinary things around us. My last 
leaf sketch inspired me to do another one.

This particular leaf had developed a few cavities between the veins which added to the interest. 
The lower edge had curled up. As the leaf was in its drying up stage the veins stood out 
prominently creating slight depth around it.

What I enjoy about doing these sketches is the "Instant Gratification" that it provides. The 
sketching of this kind requires the use of just a few pencils and an eraser. There is no mess of brushes, oil, palette, water etc. My work area remains  clutter free. In a very short time the 
suspense gets over. The final outcome is either as per the visualization that you made up in the 
mind OR it needs little working on it or change of technique. 

Charcoal and white pastel pencil sketching of a leaf by Manju Panchal

Fading away
Charcoal and white soft pastel pencil on Canson paper.
Size 4" X 5"

 "The only time I feel alive is when I am painting."  By Vincent Van Gogh

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