Saturday 21 May 2016

Step by step - Charcoal sketching of a forest.

I recently conducted my Two days charcoal workshop. During the workshop I
demonstrated the steps involved or rather the technique that I use to create a forest
scene using the charcoal medium.

The reference for the Charcoal sketching came from a beautiful scene from Mahableshwar,
a hill station close to Mumbai city. I used Fabriano Academia paper to create this charcoal
work. I use different pencils, blending tools, erasers etc and will post about all of them
soon. Over a period of time ( I am using charcoal medium for more than fifteen years now )
I have experimented with many different papers and pencils. Presently I have my set way
of doing using certain brands but I am still open to trying out something new.

Charcoal sketching of a forest scene from Mahableshwar on Fabriano Academia paper by Manju Panchal

Forest path
Charcoal sketching on Fabriano Academia paper
Size 6.5" X 8.5"

While I was sketching this work, I remembered to take breaks in between and photograph
my work so I could write about my technique that I follow when I create a forest scene such
as this.

Steps involved in creating a forest scene from Mhableshwar by Manju Panchal

Steps involved in creating a forest
scene in charcoal medium

The steps I followed to create the Charcoal sketching can be seen as in the above 3 images.

The top image : I outlined the forest lightly using HB pencil and filled in the tonal values, 
                           also adding a few tree trunks, branches and the pathway.

The middle image : In the second image, I completed the background hills and rocks, keeping
                                 the values light as it is at a distance. Then I worked on the middle ground
                                 adding details, shadows, foliage, tree trunk etc. 

The last image :  In the final image , I added the details in middle ground and foreground. Using
                            eraser I created some individual leaves and branches, and highlights where ever

Charcoal medium continues to be one of my favorite mediums. I have been working with
charcoal for a long time now and every time I use it I get inspired. Art workshops therefore
are events that I look forward to because I get to meet passionate artists who feel the same
about this medium as me. Moreover I get a little break from my routine work that I am doing.

Presently my soft pastel painting on "Gulfoss waterfall" is in progress. This is my second
painting on the waterfall and I am going ahead in a pretty organised manner in order to
get better results as compared to the last one.                            

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