Sunday 1 May 2016

Painting the greens

We were at Kilim Geoforest in Langkawi, Malaysia, two years back. ( Ecotourism 
destination )The soft pastel painting below is from a scene at one of the beaches that we 
visited while we were touring the island. 

When I see something beautiful in nature I photograph the place so that I can create an 
original painting in future referring to the same. However some scenes are complicated 
and intimidating so I keep postponing my decision to paint them. This scene has been one 
of them but the place was so beautiful that I knew some day I would be painting it.

I finally took the decision of getting it started last week using my soft pastel medium.
It went through various stages of correction but nevertheless I completed it. 

Some art works become a source of great learning experience and this happened to be one
of them. I had to paint the foliage in background as well as in the foreground, taking care of
the cool and warm colours. The greens cannot be created by mixing of different pastels as this
is a dry medium and too many layers can cause the "MUDDY EFFECT". Hence I have to
depend on all the greens available from different brands. 

This particular painting has lots of greens and blues in it and to tone it down I have added
the warm browns at places. Overall it was a tedious affair but lots of fun too. Every painting
poses a different challenge and this challenge keeps the interest going.

Painting the greens in nature in a landscape by Manju Panchal

Amidst the greens
Soft pastel painting on Canson Mi Teintes paper.
Size 6" X 9"

Kilim Geoforest park is a beautiful place with an ancient heritage, countless natural wonders, 
home to myriad of flora and fauna, and a vibrant local community of Kilim village. It is a must
visit place for all nature lovers, artists and photographers.

One of my favorite paintings from Langkawi that I painted in 2014 is as below. 

Soft pastel painting of a seascape from Langkawi by Manju Panchal

Soft pastel painting on Fabriano Tiziano paper

My plan as of now is to continue working on both Landscapes as well as Portraits
and to blog more regularly. Will be posting another soft pastel painting soon
created referring to my recent visit to Phi Phi Islands.

Thanks for browsing.

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