Friday 25 November 2016

Willow charcoal drawing - A scene from End point, Manipal

Of late I have been doing a lot of charcoal drawings and sketchings in an attempt to explore the possibilities of using "Willow charcoal" along with my other commonly used tools. Willow charcoal on its own is definitely great for preliminary studies as it helps in blocking in of bigger shapes. However when used along with charcoal powder and pencils the effect can be totally different. As an artist I will have to consider if it goes well with my kind of techniques and art work.

I am using Scholar drawing paper for my present charcoal works but this was the last of the pieces with me.( I used it earlier for charcoal portrait works). Since I am loving it I may go ahead and purchase my new stock soon. The scene that I have referred to for my presend charcoal sketching is from End Point, Manipal ( Karnataka ).

I have used willow charcoal, charcoal powder, Camlin charcoal pencil, Conte charcoal pencil, General charcoal pencil, blending tools and the kneaded eraser to complete this work. For my next work I am contemplating using Canson c a grain paper and all my above mentioned tools except the willow charcoal. That will help me analyse and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using willow charcoal in the final work.

Charcoal sketching on Scholar drawing paper
Size 5"X 7"

The willow charcoal that I am
presently using ( Chinese brand )

Charcoal powder
( Available in any stationery shop )

Posting an image of the General charcoal powder
Which I plan to use in future.

As an artist I love to paint and sketch. Blogging is equally important to me. However to find time and to manage both becomes a difficult task. Therefore I have decided as of now to write posts at regular intervals if time. My works can also be seen at my Deviantart Gallery. I also have a FACEBOOK page for my artworks and if you like my works please share.

An interesting quote

"I don't say everything, but I paint everything." Pablo Picasso

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