Friday 4 November 2016

About my newly purchased Tabletop Easel

One of my latest additions in art stationery is a Table Top Easel. I had been looking out for one since long. Some of my last few paintings have been created on this Easel. It is light weight, easy to use and carry. I may use it for my plein air sketching very soon.

A very big advantage of using this easel is that my neck muscles do not get strained any more as I paint and sketch at eye level. The base is adjustable and I can easily adjust the height as per my requirement. For my soft pastel and charcoal works I use a masking tape to pin the paper on a simple mount board which can then be placed on base of the easel. 

When the painting is placed at an angle on the easel, it becomes very convenient to get up every fifteen minutes and to watch the work from a distance. Analysing the work from a distance helps in a better evaluation. I am loving this easel and plan to use it for all my future works. I purchased it from ART STATION but after an online search later I realised that it is available on AMAZON too. Online shopping is definitely more convenient but it can become an addiction. I browse regularly these days to check on certain pastel brands and get very tempted to place an order but then I remind myself of all the unused stationery that I already have at home. Self discipline and patience in every field is so very important.

Table top easel for artists

My newly purchased Table top Easel
The base can be raised higher using the screws provided 
at the sides. Its angle too can be adjusted.

Table top easel for artists

Table top Easel with canvas board placed on its base.
I can fix the paper on which I want to create the work
with masking tape on to this board.

Soft pastel painting in progress, on table top easel, by Indian artist Manju Panchal

An arrangement that is working good for me.
The reference photograph is at the top.
My Canson Mi Teintes paper is on an archival quality
mount board ( Fixed with masking tape at four corners )
One of my Coorg paintings in soft pastel is in progress.

I love to read inspiring quotes. Sometimes they are the exact words that I would want to hear to keep me motivated so that so that I can draw, sketch and paint on a regular basis. The passion for art is always there from within but at times it needs to be fueled. Therefore through this blog I share the quotes that touch my heart and keep me on track on this art journedy.

Today's Quotation

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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