Tuesday 5 April 2016

Portrait sketching - A study work

Canson Mi Teintes is available in many different shades and it works beautifully with charcoal
and pastel medium. I have used the dark grey paper for portrait shading earlier. Many artists
use black, beige and other toned papers as well. I get inspired by looking at all the beautiful
work done by other artists and I love to experiment with new papers, mediums, stationery etc. 
The whole idea is to grow as an artist and to learn something new and better everyday.

Using a beige coloured paper I created a simple portrait, ie face at an angle. Since the paper 
colour is new to me I have not overworked on the portrait. Just bare minimum strokes to get the anatomy of the face right. Sketching a face at an angle is a challenge and I plan to do a few more sketches of these kind. 

The colour of the paper acts as the midtone and the highlights are created using
General and Cretacolour white pastel pencil. The darker shades are obtained by Camlin and 
General charcoal pencil.

A charcoal and white pastel study work on Canson Mi Teintes paper by Manju Panchal

Portrait study work
Charcoal and pastel work on Canson paper

Different colours in Canson Mi Teintes paper for pastels and charcoals

Canson Mi Teintes papers
in different colours

A beautiful quotation 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" Vincent Van Gogh

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