Tuesday 26 April 2016

A walk in the woods - Coorg ( Madikeri )

In the past few days I have created several thumbnail sketches of Landscapes and seascapes 
using the soft pastel medium. The plan was to create final pieces of art referring to some of 
them. Along with the study sketch, I will also be using the original photograph taken by me.

The first soft pastel painting that I have finally selected is inspired by my visit to Coorg, ( Madikeri ). Coorg is a very quiet and peaceful hill station in Karnataka. Its green all round 
the year and a paradise for photographers and artists. Any road you take leads to some great 
views. The trees, the bushes, the red soil, the distant hilly mountains, you can spend hours and 
hours soaking in the beauty of the surroundings.

The image below is of a soft pastel painting created referring to one such sights that I came 
across during my routine morning walks. The early morning sunrays, the fence running across 
on the left, the green foliage around, some wild flowers, each element adding to the beauty of 
the landscape.

No matter how many landscapes I do, everytime I am doing a forest scene, the greens intimidate
me the most. Getting the right green becomes a challenge. Therefore I use soft pastel palette
which is a combination of Mungyo, Gallery and Kohinoor soft pastels. Each brand comes
with a different collections of "Green shades" , therefore combining all of them I get fairly
different shades from bright to dull. The Camlin brand too comes with some beautiful greens.

Soft pastel painting of a landscape from Coorg ( Madikeri ) by Manju Panchal

A walk in the woods
Soft Pastel painting on Canson Mi Teintes paper.
Size 6" X 9"

Soft Pastel Palette
A Mix of different brands.

Another of my soft pastel painting is in progress referring to my Phuket and
Phi Phi islands visit recentlyFrom forest, I am moving to cliffs and mountains and some
breathtaking views of white sanded beaches.

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