Wednesday 20 April 2016

Recently sold Portrait works in different mediums

Given below are the images of  some of my recently sold Portrait works created in different mediums. The details about each one of them can be found in my blog by using the
SEARCH column as on the right side of the BLOG. 

Some of these are my latest works and others have been created in the past. However I have 
written a post about each one of them in my Blog describing in detail about the paper used, 
medium etc.

Apart from doing landscapes, I love doing portraits as well as still life paintings. I have not 
done much of still life lately but creating a still life painting from a live object too is very challenging.

As an artist, I would love to draw and sketch and paint too BUT the whole issue is that there are
so many things to do and time just passes by. Which reminds me as always to take "One step 
at time". 

Presently I am into creating soft pastel landscapes. I have already posted about the 
"Thumbnail Sketches" that I have created recently. Referring to them and the original
photograph I will be creating landscapes and seascapes in different sizes.

Working in the same medium and subject can be saturating at times. Hence I take a break 
sometimes to either try out something new which refreshes my mind OR I work on Portraits.

I know from my own experience that when the mind is tired and exhausted no matter how hard
you try, you never get it right. Therefore my "Way of working" is start two different works at
the same time. When I get saturated with one, I keep it aside and start working on the other one.

A beautiful quote that I came across today which is exactly what I feel every time I paint.

"I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday."

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