Monday 22 December 2014

Trying out willow charcoal on Canson Ca grain paper

Time to experiment with new paper. I enjoyed doing last two works on Fabriano paper, but since I am a big fan of Canson Ca grain paper I decided to check out the willow charcoal work on Canson paper too. I love to try all different papers so that in future when I am planning to create a big piece of art work then I will be able to make a choice which will be based on my experiments or rather study works now.

The photograph which I selected belongs to COORG ( Madkeri ) and my initial plan was to use this photo for a pastel work. But looking at the composition with the dark contrast of the foliage in the backgdraound and foreground I decided to create a charcoal work using it as a reference.

 For initial block in of values I used willow charcoal. Later to create the very dark values I used a variety of black soft pastels. The foliage and branches were created using charcoal pencils of different brands as shown below. Use of pastels was not in the plan but I was not satisfied by the pencils alone to create the depth, hence brought in the pastels in this work. 

Black charcoal soft pastel and charcoal pencils used for creating charcoal sketching of landscape by Manju Panchal

A. PRIMO charcoal pencil
B. Artist Charcoal Pencil
C. Camel charcoal pencil
Right above the pencils are three small pieces of broken soft pastels in black colour.

Charcoal painting of Coorg Landscape created using willow charcoal and charcoal pencils. By Manju Panchal

Charcoal painting of Coorg Landscape
A Study work on Canson Ca grain paper
© Manju Panchal

I spent a little more than an hour on this work and in conclusion I like this paper and would definitely want to use it for bigger works. However would try the other side of the paper which has a fine texture as compared to the one that I have used.

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