Wednesday 17 December 2014

Another one hour charcoal sketch on Fabriano Academia paper

The last two charcoal sketches I made using willow charcoal were on cartridge sheet. This time I decided to use a sheet from Fabriano Academia pad. The fabriano paper has a texture on it and it gives a different look to the artwork.
Regarding the subject, I randomly selected a phtograph with mountains, rocks, slopes with grasses etc. ( Matheran ) Limiting my time to one hour ( size 5" X 7" ) I went ahead using willow charcoal and in addition all existing charcoal pencils in my collection, to create this work. It is a study work and therefore I did not concentrate too much on details. Just wanted to check out which pencil goes best with willow charcoal work. Sketching mountains and rocks is a lot different from doing trees and foliage. The movement of pencil and scribbling etc , its a different learning experience altogether.

Charcoal sketching of Matheran Landscape using willow charcoal. By Manju Panchal

Charcoal sketching ( A study work )
Created on Fabriano Academia paper
© Manju Panchal

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