Sunday 21 December 2014

Added new still life paintings on my kitchen wall ( oil and acrylic paintings )

I have my still life paintings collection put up on one of the walls of my kitchen for the last ten years. Recently decided to change a few of them, replacing them with my oil paintings. Earlier works were all done using Camel Acrylic paints.

The three new paintings that I have now added are the Orange, the Capsicum and the Beetroot.( All sized 6" X 6" ). Rest continue to remain the same.

Collection of small still life paintings in acrylic and oil paints. By Manju Panchal

Arrangement of still life paintings on my kitchen wall.
© Manju Panchal

Small sized paintings can be put together on the wall in many different ways. Groups of two and three also go fine on certain walls. Presently I am engaged in doing Landscapes and want to continue doing so. In addition I am planning for an EXHIBITION of my recent works in the month of May 2014, so will have to decide on the CONCEPT, THEME etc. Will post details about it soon.

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