Tuesday 16 December 2014

Getting the feel of Willow Charcoal

I am beginning to like willow charcoal. It is smooth on the paper and helps making quick sketches. However since I have not used it earlier in my charcoal paintings, I feel the need to create few quick sketches to get the feel of it. Then later I will decide , may be,  to use it ion the initial layer to block in the general values before beginning with the details.

This is my second landscape sketch ( Karnala Bird Sanctuary ) that I created using willow charcoal and Camel charcoal pencil. I had decided to time myself as I did not want to spend more than one hour on this. I only wanted to create a simple sketch without too many details BUT it gets difficult to stop once you start and I finally gave it up after having reached this far.

Charcoal sketching made using willow charcoal, By Manju Panchal

Charcoal study sketch using Willow charcoal
Created on white cartridge paper.
© Manju Panchal

Willow charcoal can get very messy and I realised that all my erasers had turned black in my charcaol painting kit. So I decided this morning to shift the willow charcoal to another small cardboard box, with a tissue paper placed underneath.

Willow Charcoal

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