Friday 19 December 2014

Rainy season, Foggy landscape in Matheran

"Even when you paint, you never stop drawing." Igor Babailov

A foggy day in Matheran, during the rainy season, water flowing down the slope in the muddy pathway. Using a reference photograph, once again created a Willow Charcoal landscape on Fabriano paper.

Charcoal drawing of a scene from Matheran

Foggy day in Matheran
Charcoal sketching on Fabriano Academia paper

Apart from Willow charcoal, I have used PRIMO charcoal pencil by GENERAL, and Camel charcoal pencil. The pencil was used in the end to do a little details like rocks, foliage etc. Since I had decided not to spend more than one hour on this work, I restricted myself on doing further details.

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