Saturday 5 July 2014

Still life - charcoal painting of an apple by Manju Panchal

Demo work done during a workshop

Viewing the apple from the top, created this charcoal painting of an apple as a demo work during a Charcoal Painting workshop. Apart from using Fabriano and Canson paper I also use cartridge sheet as in the book whose image I am posting below. It is a simple Navneet drawing book and I like the cartridge sheets in it.

This book costs just Rs 18 and I use it frequently to do my rough sketches. The apple sketching has been done on a cartridge sheet from this book. Not recommended for serious work as it is not acid free and will turn yellow over a period of years.
Charcoal painting of an apple with its shadow on cartridge sheet by Manju Panchal

Apple - upper view
Charcoal sketching on cartridge paper

Used CONTE charcoal pencil and kneaded eraser for the creation. The technique involved blending
and scribbling with the pencil to create the values.

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