Sunday 6 July 2014

Soft Pastel painting of a seascape by Manju Panchal

Initially a water colour painting but did not get the desired results, hence converted it into a soft pastel painting. The work got easier as the initial colours had already been laid. Had to just add the final layer of pastels. The paper used is Indian hand made paper and soft pastels worked really good on it.

I have realised that soft pastels added on to initial layer of water colours gives a very bright effect. The pastels used for this creation is purely MUNGYO brand. On other occasions I have this tendency to mix all the brands that I have in my collection.

Deep blue sea
Mixed media painting on Indian hand made paper

"PERSEVERANCE" to me means DRAWING, SKETCHING AND PAINTING every day of my life.
No matter what the subject is, OR which medium I am using, OR the size of the painting.
The fact that something gets done in a day is a positive step in the growth and evolution
of any artist.

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