Friday 25 July 2014

Mini Water colour paintings by Manju panchal

My 4th and 5th water colour painting in the water colour sketch book created by me. 

Continuing with my mini water colour paintings for my sketch book which has forty pages in it. I have already posted the image of the book in my earlier post. Basically designed the book for travel purpose as it is handy and convenient to carry around.

The subjects chosen this time are Ladakh landscape and Still life potato. Both are done using Camel artists water colour tubes. While painting the potato live, tried to capture the details. Both the paintings are in the spiral bound sketch book but for the purpose of posting , used the App PicCollage to create a mountboard effect around the images.

Water colour painting of Ladakh Landscape and still life potato by Manju Panchal

Ladakh landscape and
Single Potato

Two small water colour paintings
in my sketch book.

Planning a CHARCOAL WORKSHOP in the first week of August. 
Will be posting the details on the blog soon. 

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