Wednesday 18 June 2014

Water colour painting of garlic - Campap paper

Water colour painting on CAMPAP paper from Malaysia (200 gsm )

I have painted garlic as a subject before but this time I wanted to change the composition by giving it
a red background and placing the two cloves of garlic in different positions so as to try out new angles
of perspective.

 Moreover I have been using the handmade paper for long so wanted to try out CAMPAP
paper which I recently purchased during sale. ( Have posted the image of the pad with 12 papers
in it ). The colours used are the usual Camel brand artists quality tubes.

Water colour painting of garlic with red background by Manju Panchal

Size 6" X 8" ( Including mountboard )
Water colour painting on Campap paper 200gsm

I will be doing few more water colour paintings on Campap paper to know more about its water retaining
capacity and other advantages over my regular Indian hand made paper that I am using ( which turns out pretty economical ). 
The right kind of brushes also play a very important role in water colour paintings. Presently I am using the normal Camel brand as is available in most art stores but wish to buy some better quality brushes soon from FLIPKART, which is selling Daler and Rowney brush sets at a good discount.

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