Sunday 22 June 2014

Charcoal Sketching of a tree - by Manju Panchal

Sketching a tree using Charcoal pencil  and soft pastel

I tried out the sketching of a tree some time back CANSON paper and quite liked the effect . Canson Mi Tentes paper has different textures on both its sides. One side is a bit rough with granular texture and the other side is smooth. My present charcoal sketching has been created on the smoother side.

I have used CONTE charcoal pencil, blending tools, white CRETACOLOUR pastel pencil and MUNGYO white pastel chalk to create the sketching as given below using beige coloured Canson paper. 

Charcoal and soft pastel sketching of a tree on CANSON MI TENTES paper by Manju Panchal

Reaching out
Charcoal and pastel sketching of a tree on Canson paper.
Size 7.5" X 10" ( Including frame size )

Presently I am trying out another tree sketch on FABRIANO Academia sheet and am using willow charcoal in the background. Will be posting the image once it gets completed.

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