Saturday 23 August 2014

Seascape and Landscape - mini water colour paintings by Manju Panchal

16th and 17th water colour painting ( 23 more to go )

water colour sketch book created by Manju Panchal

Water colour sketchbook
created by Manju Panchal

My water colour sketch book as shown above has a total of 40 spirally bound sheets. ( You can find more informattion about this book in one of my earlier posts). As I continue my works in this book it gets more and more interesting. Most of the times I am just experimenting with full freedom and loose strokes of brushes, in an attempt to discover some new way of getting things right. Great learning experience too.

In the painting of the seascape as in the image below, I have added few figures, which are very faint and almost seem to disappear in the distance. The landscape painting is with reference to a rainy scene at Navi Mumbai where I had gone to visit a friend. From the balcony I could see the sky clearing up and the reflections on the water puddle. Many a times, while still engrossed in observing the scene ahead it so happens that I virtually start painting the whole picture in my mind. I start contemplating the steps I would go through to create the whole work. 

Mini water colour painting of a Landscape and a seascape by Manju Panchal

Two mini water colour paintings
A seascape and
A Landscape

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