Thursday 14 August 2014

Mini water colour paintings - two different landscapes

The 12th and 13th Mini water colour painting in my water colour sktetch book.

I created a small sketch book some time back using Indian hand made paper. You can know more about it in from one of my earlier posts. It has about forty small pages sized approx 4.5" X5" and as and when I get a little time free from my other work I create small water colour works, be it still life or landscapes. Each of these paintings takes about forty to forty five minutes.

The painting with mountains has been done from a reference photograph. For the lower painting I have used my imagination. I let the painting develop as I kept adding the colours. Initially I had planned a curved road but later as the painting progressed I created a simple river and in the end I added a few bushes on both sides.

I have used wet on wet technique in both the small paintings. Paints used are CAMEL artists colour tubes.

two landscape paintings in water colour by Manju Panchal

Two small water colour paintings
of landscapes

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