Monday 18 August 2014

From photograph to painting - A seascape in soft pastels

One of my students sent me this beautiful photograph of seawaves at the shore.

photograph of seashore by student Sanya to be converted into soft pastel painting

Photograph of seashore
Courtesy : Sanya ( student )
Clicked using CANON digital SLR

Another student who is new to soft pastels wanted to create a soft pastel painting using the above photograph as a reference. Hence I created a small thumbnail sketch of the same using appropriate colours
and making a few changes whereever required. Did not want the painting to look like a photocopy of the photograph.

Thumbnail sketch of seashore from photograph by Manju Panchal

Thumbnail sketch
size 3.5" X 4.5"

Referring to the above thumbnail sketch and the actual photograph, my another student PRERNA created the soft pastel painting as shown below using her visualisation. She wanted to make a few changes and I felt it was perfectly fine as we all want to paint what we see. I guided her as and when she needed little help. 

soft pastel painting of seashore by Prerna Jain during Soft Pastel Workshop by Manju Panchal

Seascape painting in soft pastels
done by student Prerna Jain
Size 7" X 9"

It was two hours of fun and excitement as the painting took shape slowly on red coloured CANSON mi tentes paper.

ANOTHER ONE DAY CHARCOAL WORKSHOP is coming up on 26th of August
Anyone interested can register their names.

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