Monday 7 September 2015

The pristine beaches of Goa - Photographs taken by Canon 7D

" Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little she achieves her work."  

Nature inspires me to create my artworks. I have a big collection of my personal photographs, yet I am always looking forward to click more and the month of August was a month of travelling. I visited Madikeri, Udupi and the beautiful beaches of South Goa.

This time around I made use of my Canon 7D DSLR Camera to click photographs in Auto Focus Mode. Before embarking on this trip I created a small travel sketch book for my pencil and charcoal sketches. I will be posting about it soon along with the study sketches that I created in them.

Given below are photographs of some beautiful pristine beaches in the South of Goa which have been clicked using Canon 7D Camera. The long stretch of white sandy beaches, the transparent blue green waters, the ever changing colours of the sky makes it an ideal destination for all nature lovers.

I visited nine different beaches in South Goa spending some peaceful moments watching the waves hitting the shore. In all it was a very rewarding experience as an artist as I could capture some beautiful seascape scenes which I plan to paint soon.

Photograph of Sunset at Mobor beach in South Goa by Manju panchal

Sunset at Mobor beach, Goa

Photograph of Early morning scene at Vaddi beach in South Goa by Manju panchal

Early morning at vaddi beach, South Goa

Photograph of Early morning scene at Varca beach in South Goa by Manju panchal

Varca beach, South Goa


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  2. amazing! India is an amazing place lots of things to explore... different culture, religions and food etc.

  3. amazing! loved to it. love from London.