Saturday 18 April 2015

Using Fabriano Elle Erre paper for creating Thumbnail sketches

Over a period of time, I have collected a whole lot of different papers, experimenting with the surface, the colours etc. Now that I have settled finally with Canson and Fabriano Tiziano as my choice for soft pastel painitngs, I decided to look into the unused collection of different papers.

When I initially got into soft pastel art works, I began with Fabriano Elle Erre as it had texture. I still have these papers with me so I decided to put it to use to create my "Thumbnail sketches"
or "Study sketches"

Fabriano Elle erre paper, grey colour with parallel line texture

Steel grey coloured Fabriano Elle erre paper
Parallel line texture on it

Thumbnail sketch or study work of a forest scene done by Manju Panchal

Thumbnail sketch of a forest scene
on Fabriano Elle erre paper

Since creating a thumbnail sketch has become a habit with me, more out of necessity as it helps clear a lot of confusion before doing a bigger painting, therefore I also have to constantly think of storing ideas. I posted quite some time back about how I use old albums to store my thumbnail sketches. ( Mostly for size 4" X 6" works ). It is fun to flip through the works some time later to realise how much efforts went into the variety of quick works created in a short time.

An old photo album for storing thumbnail sketches

Old photo album

Storing thumbnail sketches in an old album. by Manju panchal

Slipping the thumbnail sketch into the 
album for long term storage

I have collected a whole lot of such albums which are filled up with my sketches done in charcoals and soft pastels. 

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