Monday 11 August 2014

Cloves of garlic - still life painting done using charcoal

Another charcoal day. This time I used cloves of garlic. Placed them in a way so as to get the composition that I wanted. Then using CONTE charcoal pencil and blending tools blocked in the dark areas. Later added strokes of pencil to get the tones right. The light and shadow play, particularly interested me. In addition, I decided to add a two droplets of water.

Garlic is being used all the time in the kitchen and of late it has become a great study subject for me. I am also planning on doing few charcoal sketchings of different objects on coloured paper. Will be posting images soon.

Still life painting of cloves of Garlic using charcoal by Manju Panchal

Cloves of garlic
charcoal painting on Fabriano Academia paper
Size 5" X 7" ( Excluding mountboard )

I have recently purchased PRIMO charcoal pencil by GENERAL. It seems to be very dark and good but I have not yet used it. One of these days I will create a charcoal painting using purely PRIMO pencil and will then be able to decide regarding its usage in my future sketches.

primo charcoal pencil

Other pencils that I have used in my journey of art are
  • Ambassador ( Not available any more in the market )
  • Camel Charcoal pencil ( I still use it at times to do the basic layer )
  • KOH-I-NOOR charcoal pencil
  • General's soft charcoal pencil ( Very dark and good )
  • CONTE A PARIS charcoal pencil ( Presently in use in most of my sketchings )
All pencils are good and it is one's personal opinion as to which one is best suited to him/her for creating charcoal sketches. Through this blog I am only putting forward my likes and dislikes as I continue my journey forward with an intention to get better every day.

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