Sunday 18 February 2018

Using Chitrapat handmade paper

"To draw, you must close your eyes and sing." Pablo Picasso

I love the above quote by Picasso. Painting is an amazing phenomenon. I do not know about singing but yes it does transport me to another world where it's me, my colours and my art. It is a kind of meditation which relaxes me completely. Not painting on a particular day makes me restless and so I look forward to doing some art everyday irrespective of the size and the medium.

Today's post is about Chitrapat handmade paper ( I had been reading great reviews about it since long ) which I recently purchased from Art Station. Unfortunately the stationery store did not have the Matt version so I decided to go with the rough surface pad. 

Normally when I begin my first painting on a new paper I go for a small size. It takes a couple of paintings to get to know and understand the paper. The subject I selected is “An evening sky” and I gave a suggestion of a few houses in the distance. I loved the paper and enjoyed working on it mainly for two reasons. First reason being it is great for wet on wet technique and secondly it is 270 gsm and hence does not buckle much.

A water colour painting of an evening sky on Chitrapat hand made paper. By Indian artist Manju Panchal

An Evening sky
Water colour painting on Chitrapat paper 
Size 5” X 7”

I feel good working with this new paper and sometimes it takes just one painting to feel the connection. I have a feeling that this paper will work for my kind of techniques. Prashant Sarkar, a water color artist has posted several of his videos on youtube and he has used Chitrapat paper for most of his paintings. It is inspiring to watch other artists create beautiful works.

Posting below some images of the Chitrapat Handmade paper pad and information printed on it.

Chitrapat handmade paper pad, 270 gsm, rough textured surface

Chitrapat Handmade paper pad

Close up of rough textured surface of Chitrapat handmade paper

Close up of the rough textured 
Chitrapat handmade paper

Chitrapat handmade paper

Info printed on the Chitrapat handmade paper pad.

When I like a particular paper then I try and include it in my "List of favorite papers" and Chitrapat is definitely going to be one of them. Very soon I shall post another work created on the same paper.

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  1. Nice post. Can you please tell me from where can I buy chitrapat paper in Mumbai?

    1. I recently saw these watercolor pads in anupam superstore in goregaon east.

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    3. You can buy Chitrapat pad from online store


  2. Thank you for this detailed review :)
    I'm a beginner and I've decided to go for this paper after reading your blog.
    And your painting turned out to be brilliant!

  3. Thabks for your review. This helps me

  4. Super only for portraits, landscape for acralic base