Sunday 3 January 2016

By the sea - a water colour painting

Another seashore painting using water colour medium. This particular painting has been more of a study work in an attempt to get a better understanding of the wild weeds growing at the sandy dunes. I used a combination of fan brush, flat coarse brush and round brush.

In water colour painting, I have realised that it is all about the brushstrokes, the paper, the water content on the paper and the brush. It is a long series of experimenting. Every painting teaches something new.

For the shadows in the foliage I tried out new colour mix ie Prussian blue and orange which gives a beautiful dark shade.

For the sky I used graded wash using raw sienna and ultramarine blue.

Water colour painting of a seashore by Manju Panchal

By the sea
Water colour painting on hand made paper
Size 6"X 9"

My recent visit to Karnala Bird Sanctuary has inspired me to sketch my favourite subject "TREE " in charcoal medium. I love drawing and sketching a tree. Every tree has its individual character and personality. Trees fascinate me.

 It is a great way of doing tonal study and I enjoy creating it on a grey paper. So my next post will be a tree as seen at Karnala in the early morning hours. It will also provide me a break from my water colour medium which sometimes is so very necessary as it leads to a saturation point. 

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