Saturday 23 January 2016

Getting back to water colour medium - study works

After a break, trying to get back to my water colour medium. So back to the routine of creating
the "STUDY WORKS" before actually creating the serious work. My small cartridge sketch 
book is of a great help.

A lot many artists use the cartridge sketch book to create their rough sketches before actually beginning the painting. It helps because on a cartridge sheet the paint dries up quickly and
if the painting process is planned out in the head before hand then it takes roughly fifteen to
twenty five minutes to create each of them sized 4" X 5".

Given below are four different landscape study works created in water colour medium.

Small water colour study works created by Manju Panchal

Water colour study works created on 
small cartridge sheets. ( In sketch book as below )

This sketch book is excellent for small study works and has forty sheets in it. Ideal for 
carrying when away from home. Initially I created my own sketch book by using
the hand made paper but now that I have this option I find it so convenient.
( At a cost of Rs 65/- only )

Presently I am on my third sketch book and have another three standby. I use this
book a lot. Apart from water colours I also do pencil and charcoal tonal study on
the cartridge sheets.

( This book is available at ART STATION, a shop in my vicinity. I have written
a post about this shop earlier )

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