Sunday 18 October 2015

The Entrance - Pencil sketching of a wooden door

Pencil sketching of simple door created on Strathmore drawing paper.

As I wrote in my earlier posts, I have recently come across Strathmore drawing paper and I am using it for my charcoal art works. This time around I decided to use only HB pencil to create a simple door and the textures on the wood and wall. Charcoal works have an overall matt finish when completed whereas if graphite pencil is used with lot of pressure it kind of creates a shine which I dislike a lot. So preferably I would love to work with charcoal rather than graphite.


The Entrance
Pencil sketching on Strathmore drawing paper
Size 5" X 6.5"

Choosing a subject for painting or sketching can be a daunting task. However there is no fixed pattern or agenda while doing so. There are subjects like "This closed door" which appealed to me and I wanted to sketch it. 

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