Monday 27 April 2015

Cleaning pastels using a jar of rice

The last time my pastels ( All different brands ) in the palette got coated with dust and dirt, I cleaned it up in a bowl of rice. This time I decided to use an old plastic bottle filled with rice to do the cleaning and I found it much more convenient.
I just had to put all the pastels in the bottle and shake it up vigorously. The rice scraped off all the different coloured pastel dust from each individual pastel.

Instead of discarding the rice which gets heavily coated with different colours, It can be reused by doing the following
  • wash it in water 
  • sieve it
  • place it on an old newspaper to dry
  • fill it again in the jar for next cleanup procedure
Cleaning up broken pastels by shaking up in jar of rice. By Manju Panchal

Broken pastels in old plastic bottle
for cleaning purpose

After the clean up, the pastels show their original vibrant hues.
( I have placed the pastels on tissue paper so that the pastels remain
clean for a longer duration )

When painting with pastels, they continuously touch one another on the palette and therefore get coated with different colours on its sides. This makes it difficult to judge each pastel by its right colour, hence I find it absolutely necessary to clean it up after an interval of fifteen days or so.

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